Warm Summer Sunshine Was Our Motivation for Moving

Our summer up north was the coldest I can ever remember it being. We had neighbors with gardens that did not have much of a harvest for the plants that need the heat. The swimming and boating season was cut short too. At the beginning of September, when it is usually still warm, the water skiers were wearing wet suits because the water was cold. My wife and I enjoy the sunshine and warmth so we moved a little farther south after looking for apartments in apartments for rent in Norcross GA.

Did you know that you even get a few extra minutes of daylight in the winter the farther south your go? I learned this when I was on Facetime with a relative who lives down by the Gulf. It was almost dark where we were at up north, and it was still very much daylight there. They were in the same time zone as us, just straight south. I figured it out that it was the angle of the light. They were 800 miles closer to the equator, so they got more daylight time in the winter. Craving the sunshine like I do, that little bit of information became very important to me. That was my first desire to move farther south. Then the cold summer cinched it for us.

We really picked a fantastic apartment. The pool is amazing, and we can be swimming in it when our old neighbors are donning winter coats. The landscaping is impeccable, and I really like the big windows that let in all that southern sunshine. Our kitchen is a dozen times nicer than what we had before. This is a space made for gourmet cooking. Having our own washer and dryer is nice too. No more dragging baskets of clothes to a laundry room. Each little amenity makes this apartment our perfect place to live, but the extra warmth and sunshine was our main motivation for moving.

Author: Kristrún Árnadóttir

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