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Why You Can’t Ignore Fire Safety as a Landlord

Taking the time to ensure that your property is protected against fire hazards is not only a legal requirement but also an important investment that can save you and your tenants from disaster. Implementing the necessary fire safety measures will add significant value to your property and make it a more enticing offer for potential buyers.

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After all, no matter how safe or careful you are, anything can happen, and your tenants pose a risk as well. Of course, if the fire spreads to other parts of the property, you’ll be dealing with more than just the culprit. But it can be confusing trying to figure out where to start. What equipment is necessary? How can I better protect my property?

In this post, we’ll take a look at what you need to do as a landlord in order to protect your property against this common hazard, helping you create a safer space for you and your tenants.

Making Celebrations Safer

Whether it’s the festive period or someone’s birthday, these occasions bring a number of potential hazards into the picture. This includes the overloading of plug outlets, unattended candles, fireworks, flammable decorations, alcohol, the increased usage of cooking equipment, and much more.

It’s Not An Expensive Investment

Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and other basic equipment is fairly affordable and cannot compare to the potential cost of losing your assets in the event that a fire breaks out. Heat sensors, in particular, are highly cost-effective and often legally required. This post from fire alarm engineers details everything you need to know about heat sensors.

Local Legislation

The above reasons are all very much valid and important but abiding by the law should be all the reason you need to install a comprehensive fire safety system in your property. Landlords are usually required by law to carry out a fire risk assessment. This involves identifying hazards, determining who is at risk and how these hazards can be prevented.

For any room that contains a fuel-burning appliance such as a fireplace or gas stove, you need to have a carbon monoxide detector. Each floor also needs at least one smoke alarm. Detailed below is what exactly a fire risk assessment involves and how you should carry it out.

Fire Risk Assessment Process

The first step is to identify the potential sources of a fire hazard, such as sources of ignition and fuel. From there, you need to assess who is at risk. Once this has been done, you need to evaluate the risk and determine a solution that will prevent the hazard.

In order to better prevent the risk, you need to record the information, create a plan and train tenants on what to do in the event of a fire. As your property goes through changes, you need to constantly review any potential risks that can arise from these changes.


Be sure to educate your tenants on fire hazards and install fire safety signs where possible. Implementing the correct fire safety procedures will make your tenants happy, satisfy inspectors, and give you peace of mind knowing that your assets and tenants are safe.

Fire Safety Advice for High Rise Building Managers

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