Why Accurate Commercial Surveys Matter

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Commercial property in Florida comes at a premium price. You need to make sure that every investment is made with full knowledge of what you’re buying. A current, accurate survey is a must if you are unsure of the complete physical characteristics and borders of the land. Below are a few of the benefits an expert survey offer.

Know Exactly Where the Property Lines Reside

Disputes over property lines can lead to a legal mess that no property owner wants. Tie-ups in court can hold important projects back and investors lose money. Know exactly where the property lines are and if there is enough usable land for the purposes of purchase.

Determine Elevation for Flood Zones and Insurance

Florida requires that you have your commercial property elevation determined to see if it is within the levels considered a “flood zone.” It makes a big difference in the need for a good flood insurance policy. Although you will enjoy a fair share of sunny days, storms that drop incredible amounts of rain are prevalent.

Purchasing Land Your Company Can Use

Larger parcels of land make it impossible to see every feature from the boundary lines. An accurate survey will show you whether you have unexpected swampy areas and terrain that is not suitable for building. Every part of your land will be accounted for and can help you determine the usable portions.

Know You are Getting the Best Value for the Purchase Price

It’s important to know everything about the physical characteristics of any commercial land you are considering purchasing. You might have been told one thing about size and the survey shows something else. You can weigh out the benefits and detractions to decide whether you are getting good value out of your investment dollar.

It’s worth the investment to take your time and gather all information possible about any commercial land you are considering. Get the professional property survey Pasco County FL property investors rely on for accurate results.

Author: Maxy El Tiara

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